Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Blues

Each year by the back door, mixed in with the grass, clover and dandelions,
two or three tiny stalks of blue flowers pop up. 
 They don't look like much from a distance, but up close the bluebells are lovely.

There are also ribbons of small bluish purple flowers 
all over the lawn (pictured below).  
Picked, they smell minty.  
Magnified, they look like irises, 
with a palette of color and texture.

I looked them up in the wildflower book.  They're not native. 
 Like many of our plants they came over from Europe.

Ground Ivy, Gill-over-the-ground, Creeping Charlie.
Considered a weed due to the enthusiastic spread,
but causing no problems at my house.
Used in the old country to flavor beer.

More on Ground Ivy 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Glassy Mountain Views

In the warmth of the day
on Sunday afternoon
we hiked up to Glassy Mountain,
one of the trails at the Carl Sandburg house.

It was a nice, easy trail,
with lots of friendly people
and their dogs.

At the top of the trail
was the payoff,
a nice rocky bald
with lovely views of early evening.

This would be a good trail
for visiting Floridians or other flatlanders.
Easy hike, nice picnic area at the end.
Also...lovely park benches at regular intervals.
Love that.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me
a hawk in the dogwood tree.

My camera was nestled
all firm in it's bag,
without a memory card
and the batteries all dead.

I'm mixing my Christmas songs
and poems,
but you get the picture.

After a brief scramble,
I found the hawk quite patient to my hurried preparations,
willing to wait for me to get my act together
so I could take pictures to my heart's content.

And then the hawk turned and launched
to fly away.
Fly away indeed, friend hawk.
Don't eat my chickens.

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Garden report

While I don't blog often these days,
it occurs to me that the blog makes a wonderful garden journal.
So an update on the garden...

While the rest of the nation experiences drought,
we've had good steady rain this year.
We've got some of the best looking corn in the country.

We've let the chicken's half
of the original garden
go to tall weeds this summer,
giving lots of shade
and shelter from hawks.
The two younger hens still lay
a steady supply of summer eggs.
Ethel is still perking along,
not moving as well as she used to,
but seeming to take pleasure in her old age.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

At the Maple Tree Watering Hole

There's a hollow in the maple tree out front,
where an old branch died
and dropped off.

When it rains,
the hollow fills with water,
and all the neighborhood birds
come to partake.

Fun to watch them
tilting to drink
right outside the dining room window.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Growing Up with Tarzan

On weekends in my childhood,
we would sometimes visit my mother's parents
who lived on a farm in rural north Florida.

I can remember spending Saturday mornings
watching old Tarzan movies
with my grandfather
on their little black and white TV.

I didn't know at the time
that many of those movies
were filmed at Silver Springs,
not an hour away from where we sat.

Was it the black and white
or just my ability to believe
that kept me from recognizing the jungles
of my own home state?

(These pictures come from Leesburg, FL, taken last February at a camp counselor reunion.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Value Added

I'm trying to cut back
on watching TV,
surfing the internet,
even reading books.

When I am doing one of those things,
I am perhaps staying out from under foot
and not causing trouble,
but neither am I contributing to the world around me.

I'm trying to figure out
more ways each day
to add beauty,
and something interesting
to a world full of noise and clutter and meanness.

Even if it just means sharing
a picture in the woods
celebrating that spring does come
whether we watch for it or not.

I will ask, not for guilt or pressure,
but simply as a reminder
and some focus:
as my presence here added anything worthwhile
to the world today?