Monday, January 05, 2009

Dining Room Project

Before: old accoustic tile ceiling, water-stained paneling, horrific beeblie-bob plastic chandelier. Chandelier gone to Goodwill and replaced with a nice ceiling fan. Accoustic tile ripped out and replaced with bead board.

Paneling primed (got to get in those groves) and painted.

Cats dig drop cloths.

End product: cheerful yellow walls with clean white ceiling. Lots of texture with the bead board and paneling.


Hiker Chick said...

I've always loved beadboard. The yellow color is wonderful; warm and bright. Good job!

spark said...

didja get a picture of the beeblie-bob plastic chandelier before it was gone?

Jan Richardson said...

Oooh! How spiffy! It looks great. And the black cat sets off the yellow walls very nicely.

LORNA BARRETT (aka Lorraine Bartlett) said...

I'm about to paint my office which has paneling. Your results give me hope after all the dire warnings I've heard. (I'm doing my room in a cheerful yellow, too!) Thanks for posting these pictures.