Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dreaming of Vacations

We found out this week
that the grand tour of Turkey and Greece
did not make, since only four college students
signed up.

So...suddenly my vacation time
is mine to plan again.

I want to spend at least a week
in my own house,
on vacation
with no where particular to go.

I spent a couple days
of Paid Time Off
at home this week,
but they were less exciting,
since they were spent
blowing my nose
breathing through my mouth
and watching mindless television
from my sickbed.

When the season warms
I want to go camping...
a local joy.
Picnic in the woods.
Cook on the Coleman stove.
Sleep with the song of crickets.

I want to hike,
and garden,
and play with my bees.

I want to be here.

That, and cruise to the Bahamas
at Thanksgiving.

But mostly here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Major Art Purchase

You may remember the 90 year old artist
whom I met at a local nursing home...
again, not one of my hospice patients.

When I was visiting one of his neighbors last week,
a staff member came by the desk where I was charting
and announced an art show.

Stan periodically has a show
and sells his paintings,
using the proceeds to buy more art supplies.

I did not hesitate,
but pulled out my wallet
and headed for the show.

I initially was looking at a painting of a train,
but a staff member from the facility
saw me admiring it
and swooped it up from under my nose.

I was a little more cagey after that,
not showing obvious interest
until my windmills were safely
in my grasp.

Art critics agree,
this is the best stuff
since Grandma Moses.