Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smashing Good Easter Fun

The house was more lively than usual
Easter weekend.

Six loaner children
and five accompanying adults

Sports and music and art
and toys distributed evenly throughout the house.

Barbeque and birthday party
for the 70th birthday.

Chaos and laughter
and the discovery that
Walter LOVES children.

While Daisy doesn't love Walter,
she likes him okay these days.
She tolerates children
from the other side of the room.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dogwood Winter

Late in the evening on Good Friday, snow began to fall.
Saturday morning, the white blooms of the dogwoods
found accompaniment in the white of the ground.
The tulips, still bright, drooped sadly.
The local apple crop was destroyed,
as blooms were nipped by the cold...
something that hasn't happened since around 1955.
This wouldn't seem so odd if we'd gotten
any significant snow during the winter.
It all seems to be coming in spring,
when everything has budded and bloomed.
Snow forecasts again for tonight....
The locals tell me that we still may have blackberry winter
yet ahead.