Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Budding of the Grapevine

Was it six summers ago
that I planted a twig in the ground
and declared it a grapevine?
This summer promises plentiful grapes...
the vine is established and rooted,
and is breaking out in little pink leaves
with vigor and enthusiasm.
Likewise, the asparagus patch
is sending up huge, tender stalks
left and right.
Had a fist full for supper last night,
fresh from the garden.
The blueberries are younger,
only planted last year.
I look forward to year six
and seven and eight with them.
I need to start thinking of apple trees.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Potato

Local wisdom says to plant your potatoes on Good Friday,
but it was raining, and I was working,
so Easter afternoon
instead of hiding eggs
we tucked potatoes in the ground.

We planted a mix from Burpee of red, blue and yellow potatoes.
One of my favorite things is to watch the potatoes grow
(they grow fast into sturdy plants with purple blossoms)
and then to dig the treasure out of the ground,
pounds and pounds of good eating.

I also planted some shallots and Egyptian walking onions left
abandoned from last year...they are probably all completely kaput,
but if even one grows, I'll be a happy camper.

Spring always brings wild onions (wild chives?)
in wild proliferation...they stand tall and proud amongst
the raised beds of the garden.
They smell nice when you mow,
and are good for picking and chewing
as you walk around the yard.

It won't be long before the garden is green with veggies and weeds.
The green in the far end
of one of those middle beds, above,
which come back stronger every year.
One of my younger friends (I think she's five)
was most disappointed when she came
to visit mid-winter
and was told there were no strawberries to pick.
Gathering eggs from the chickens
was considered a mediocre consolation prize.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Vegetable Garden Fence

Chickens love the vegetable garden.
Lots of dirt to scratch,
lots of bugs,
lots of fun hopping the little red fence.

We trimmed their wings, but it turns out
they don't really fly over the fence so much
as leap it in a single bound.

This new metal fencing should do the trick.
Still working out the gate piece,
but on the whole, spring vegetables
are again on schedule.

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