Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just a Few Steps Off the Usual Path

We ran a weekend errand today
on the campus
where I teach a class
three days a week.

Three days every week
I dash from my car
to my classroom
and back again.

we took time to wander,
only a few feet from the parking lot,
down a winding trail.

I realize not every workplace
has a handy Botanical Garden
a stone's throw away.

But a lot of places
have things worth seeing
if we just take the time and effort.

Who knows the beauty
that surrounds us,
day after day?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Bat Cat

A change in the weather
stimulates a return to kittenhood.

Daisy still plays with toys,
but rarely in the public eye.

In her more mature years,
the stuffed animals
are more prone
to moving quietly around the house
in the dark of night
or when the peoples
are away at work.