Monday, April 25, 2011


Robins faithfully sat on their little blue eggs
and hatched out young mouths to feed.

Interest wanes when the bug is gone.

Although we suspect another bug will come soon.....

The parental units are keeping the hunting and gathering going
while keeping an eye on the nest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bird Nest on the Party Porch

 The other day
when I locked myself out of the house
I went and spent some time
sitting on the party porch.

I was amused to see a bird's nest
up on top of the ceiling fan.

Will keep you posted of future happenings
in the nest.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


You never know what is going to happen
if you go outside for a while.
Last night while walking around the block
the neighbor with the huge garden
(who has been known to trade greens for honey)
said that she was hiring someone to come plow her garden.
She was looking for other local business to make it worth his while.

This fit right in with the plan
to convert a huge chunk of back yard
into garden space.
So next thing you know....

Eventually this area will be raised beds,
but no reason not to start the old fashioned way this year.

With chickens in half the original garden space
and raised beds in the other half
the back yard gives room for space eaters
like corn and pumpkins
and an expanded production of dried beans.

We turned the chickens out after he finished plowing.
They found a feast of worms and bugs.
He'll come back in a few days to smooth things out a bit.