Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camping at Standing Indian in April

It rained. Friday night through midmorning Saturday,
drizzles, streams and steady showers.

The Weasley tent and the Taj Ma Herman tent both leaked,
but mine stayed snug and dry.
Weasleys and Hermans maintained
a positive attitude,
especially when the sun came out.

The young ones whittled. They carved.
They chipped and smoothed, and sharpened.
We had nice pointy stakes,
all ready for an invasion of vampires.

We didn't eat that shoe...
it was just one of the
casualties of the rain that needed drying a bit.

We did eat the lovely chicken and potatoes rolled into those tin foil packages on the fire. They were very good eating. As were the s'mores, the morning pancakes and eggs and all other eatings. I love camping food.

Hoping to camp again soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Note that I have added a new blog, "Backyard Swammerdam."
It is about my adventures in beekeeping.
The link is over there to the right under "My Other Blogs."

Weary Cats

After a hard week,
it is good to get to the weekend.
We stretch out in our favorite spots
and snuggle in,
staying in touch with the world around
with attentive ears,
while letting all the muscles in our bodies
melt away to a state
of total

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sleepy Spring Days

After my recent bout with the flu
I am finally feeling like I'm back to
my normal level of energy.

For too long, I dragged
through every day
and collapsed in a heap
every evening.

Even so,
today was a sleepy day.
I stayed awake,
but three out of four
hospice patients slept
through my visit.

Hard to stay peppy
when everyone around you
is snoring peacefully.