Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello, Handsome!

Welcome to the world, Paul Thomas.
Paul is the brother
of Julia the Goddaughter,
whose world is in the process of being rocked.
Little brothers are wondrous, annoying,
life giving, horrifying and delightful
contributions to humanity.
As one of Julia's godmamas,
I welcome this new source
of spiritual challenge, growth,
and support for her.
And doesn't he have the cutest face?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Job Appreciation

So, an update on my career
from my chair on the sunporch.

I interviewed for the manager position
and felt good about the interview.

Didn't get the job
and feel pretty darn good about that as well.

The three weeks between
finding out the job was open
and finding out the outcome
gave me some good soul searching time
to look at why I like being a chaplain,
and what I would miss were I not one.

I would miss a lot, it turns out.

Plus, since my interview,
my supervisors have been
bending over backwards
to make sure I'm feeling
adequately challenged and engaged.
I think the universe has been doing the same.
I've had more interesting referrals
in the last month...
alert people with challenging questions.
All while gaining a new appreciation
for the quiet hymn singing time
with the demented folk.

It is good being a chaplain.

I'm glad I interviewed, though.

It helped me take myself more seriously...
which I need to do.

While I love clowning around,
it pays to remind myself and others
that there is substance lurking
below the surface.

I think one of the things I discovered
during the last month
is that the people around me
remember there is substance to me
even when I have begun to forget.

No Vacation at All

If you read back through my blog,
you'll note that one of my consistent topics
is whining when I'm sick.

This be one of those blogs.
I had an AWFUL respiratory bug
three weeks ago...
bad enough that
I thought it might be the flu.
Completely sapped my energy.

Was fine for two weeks
then came down with a hacking
fevering plague
this week.
At first I thought the hacking
was just residual from the first bout of whatever.

Yesterday, continuing to feel
worse and worse,
went to the doctor's office.
They swabbed my nose,
disappeared for a few minutes
and pronounced me positive
with influenza.

They don't know what I had
three weeks ago,
but figure it weakened my immune system.

So...I'm home until at least Monday.
Up at 6:00 to suck on a cough drop and complain.

Quarantined at home
and not feeling well enough to enjoy it.