Thursday, December 15, 2005

Better Ice Pictures from my Front Step

Just what the doctor ordered

Okay, not impressive photography, but you get the general idea.

I wasn't going to actually GO OUTSIDE on the slick front step.

Nor was I going to linger in the cold.

At the request of the highway patrol, as travel is non-essential for me this morning, and the roads, like our front step, are slicker than goose poop, I'm staying in my pajamas and drinking coffee.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Praying for Ice

One of my coworkers, a social worker
who pulled weekend duty this past week,
on his 8th consecutive day of work
was standing in the office
praying for a good ice storm.

Something to keep us all tucked away at home
for a day, just a day.

Sounds pretty darn good to me.

The weather people on TV
keep predicting ice,
and it keeps freezing
all the counties around us.

I know it is selfish.

I know I'll sing a different tune
if the ice knocks the power out.

I know it would be a hardship
for those who must get from place to place,
and for many who stay home.

Still. A day off.
Kids sledding
down the sheet of ice that
was and is and will be the street.

A day at home.

Oh, well. It will come
when least convenient.

My niece and nephews have had their first deep snow of the year.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Losing Things

There seems to be a subtle theme
in the last week or so.
I lost my keys all weekend
and found them Sunday afternoon.
Saturday I left my purse
at Boston Market
but it was waiting
safe and sound behind the counter
with all of it's contents intact
when I returned about 20 minutes later.
(Thank you for honest people!)
Today I lost most of the dates
on my electronic organizer,
mysteriously erased during backup
with the computer.
No hope of recovery there,
other than wracking my memory
and asking for help from others
who have me on their calendars.
None of these are real losses,
just inconveniences.

Meanwhile, my grandmother
is having small strokes down in Florida.
She has lost a good bit of her vision
in the last few days.

We seem to have temporarily
lost touch with my brother...
no blogs, e-mails or calls
this last couple weeks.
I find I've come to depend
on his blog to check on him
and his family
in non-intrusive ways.

I think I've lost a little
of my bounce today.
I'm home
and a little droopy
on a rainy Monday.

On the bright side,
no shots, removals or
other violence to my skin
at the dermatologist today.
Just an accidental rip
in the doily they gave me to wear
that made for a little
sexier slit
than was originally designed.

Always glad to have
the annual spot check behind me.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The scenery in and around Hogwarts

Saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday.
Loved it.
One of the things I noticed was the scenery...
(on at least one of the previous movies
if you skip from scene to scene on the DVD
you get to look at the grand sets
and outdoor scenes one right after another...
I think it was the second movie
I skipped through for this discovery,
but I'm not sure.)
I found myself yesterday
wanting to be at Hogwarts,
not because of the magic,
but just for the huge open spaces
indoors and out.
I'm trying to notice
the grand sets
of my daily life,
with more attention
and more awareness.
The Gothic church sanctuary this morning,
the rainy, cloud covered mountains
this afternoon.
The beauty is there,
if I take time to notice.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Everybody loves a tent

We had little boys sleeping in the dining room
during the Thanksgiving family slam.
We set up the tent and threw in some
sleeping mats and sleeping bags.
Footy pajamas and bedtime stories
and teddy bears
and a visitation from little sister/cousin...
and a very, very good time was had by all.