Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where the Wild Cilantro Blooms

I only had to plant cilantro the first year.
Since then, I've let it go to flower
(those tall white flowers, above)
and it roams about the garden,
coming up in a new spot each year,
lush and fragrant.

The tall yellow flowers are mustard
that also went to seed
and roamed last year.

The onions are blooming...
and yes, I know they have
a major crabgrass problem.
I'll get right on that.

All in all, got a late start
on the summer crops.
Friends are already
reeling in squash and such.
But come August
we'll be eating well, I hope.

Have the last peas of the spring
all shelled and cooked
and ready to incorporate
into supper tonight.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Reason for Flowers

There are many people
who would think that
my field of flowers
has become an eyesore.
While there are a few blooms
(pictured further below)
most of the flowers
have turned to brown seed heads.

The goldfinches
think that these seeds
are a marvelous feast.
They land on the stalks
and nibble happily at the seeds,
breakfast, lunch and supper.
So when is a flower at its peak?
When it is pretty and bloomy
or when it is dried up
and ready to eat?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Behind the Fence

Sunflowers are funny things.
They never come up where I plant them.
But they cheerfully grow in surprise locations.

Spotted this one over the garden fence,
growing next to the railroad tracks.
It got me back behind the fence,
poking around in rarely explored territory.

The thistle patch will soon bloom.
And the dead tree will host woodpeckers
and other guests.