Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun with Resumes

Ah, resume, "to pick up where one left off."

Sparky has offered me some coaching today
to get my resume updated and up to par.

I've decided this is a worthwhile activity
every few years,
whether applying for a new job or not.

I found my resume file
and was shocked to discover that it dated
all the way back to high school.

My God, I was a frightening high school student.
Geek, with a capital G.

Hmm. I appear to have misspelled "scholar."
But it was a manual typewriter, so once you finished
the row, there wasn't a lot of going back.

I even had a section titled "Government Sponsored Activities"
that sat right between the extensive
"School Recognition and Awards"
and "Community Activities."

I listed my height and weight.
I was shaped basically like a pencil.
I'm better for my additional 50 pounds, I think.

By my seminary application
I had signs of human life
mixed in with continued geekdom.

Listed below all my churchy leadership
was the following:
"First runner-up, Ping-pong championship of the universe....1987."

On that resume I listed my life goals:
"In my lifetime I would like to be ordained a United Methodist minister, hike the Appalachian trail, learn to play bagpipes, write a novel, and pay off my seminary education."

I've done the first and the last.
I frequently hike, occasionally on the Appalachian trail
but never too far, or carrying too much on my back.

I've gone from wishing to write a novel
to blogging on occasion.

I'm good with that.

Looking at 25 year old resumes
does put things in a certain
humbling perspective.

What are my life goals now?
Floss daily,
be kind to people who tick me off,
stay curious,
grow a summer garden,
teach others the worthwhile things I know,
keep my sense of humor,
make music with whatever is at hand,
keep my focus.

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